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Adults and Families

Together with the many opportunities it has for children and teens, the YMCA also boasts a lot of offers for adults and families. Our connection to the Christian faith is especially important to us here. We live and share this faith in the context of our monthly Meeting Point gatherings, once a year at our Meeting Point Weekend, and through the bible study groups affiliated with the YMCA. Additionally, there is a YMCA friends group and the choir "Fragments," which practices regularly in our building. A special offer for young families is the Winter Playground, in which our table tennis room is transformed into a play area for the little ones, and where their parents can have a cozy chat over coffee and cake. Then there are two sports groups—volleyball and jugger. These groups are not merely formally connected to our association, but represent the YMCA at tournaments and also actively support us with our annual sponsors' rally.

Special thanks is owed to both the volunteer leaders of these groups and our cooperating partners in this area, which include, for example, local churches in Leipzig and the YMCA State Association for Saxony with its athletic work.