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Kids and Teens

Kids and teens occupy a big space at the YMCA ... and not only figuratively!

We open our doors for all sorts of needs of our young people. With our youth group, we offer both children and teens a place to spend their free time meaningfully and independently. There, young people have the opportunity to meet with people of the same age in small groups to have fun social experiences, to get involved, and to try new things. Additionally, we offer support and intensive counseling for young people in challenging life situations. Our area of operations is being expanded beyond our home location as we are often on the move in our part of the city—both with and without our games' trailer! Together with other players in our neighborhood, we are actively involved in improving conditions in the living environment of our young people.

Notable cooperating partners in our kids' and teens' projects are the two local youth groups "The Bridge" and "The Cherry."