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Day Care Center

Together with three child minders, the YCMA day care center offers interested families a care- and educational program with a religious-education profile. Our main aim is to give the children the opportunity to experience being accepted and loved – from the people around them, and from God, who wants them to experience life to the full. In pedagogical action, this is expressed in the various areas of pedagogy, e.g., in communication education, in aesthetic education, in somatic education, in mathematical education, in natural sciences education, and in the communication of personal values and in social learning. Our teachers are there to be enablers and supporters; the children are the experts who look for answers based on their everyday experience. Sixty-six children between the ages of two and six attend our center. For children under two years of age, we have the child minders and the Winter Playground during free time. The children who are transitioning to elementary-school age are in good hands with the "Cloud Divers" group.

Noteworthy cooperating partners in the preschool area and in family education are the association FAIRbund – e.g., with its Project Hippy – and Kangaru Leipzig Community Childcare Centers Ltd., with its project the interdisciplinary early-education center "Kangaru." Our day care center is a regular partner of the "Schönefeld Ecumenical Group" for various events throughout the year.

Our day care center in the middle of the Marianna Park will continue to host 66 kids between the ages of two and six. Ten of these places will go to two-year-old nursery school children, and 56 places will go to preschool kids. In the last years we were able to offer several places to children from socially disadvantaged families, and children from immigration backgrounds, in order to make these opportunities for early education possible. The following pedagogical emphases were especially on our hearts:

  • Continuation and conclusion of the project "Speech and Motor Skills Development" with the hand puppets "Conrad" and "Rita" (this project focused on the concrete and action-oriented interconnection between movement, speech and literacy, and the synergistic relationship between movement and language). 
  • Development of phonological consciousness through active listening with the hand puppet "Wuppi" (e.g., stories and worksheets)
  • Parents' Work / Parents' Council
  • The "Educational Opportunities" directive from the State Department of Saxony. With this project, the Free State of Saxony granted our center an additional pedagogical expert. It is a unique challenge for all pedagogical specialists to identify the special needs and specific life situations of the children, as is the implementation of individual development assistance, even, sometimes, in concert with other institutions.

Good cooperation between the parents and the institution that is based on trust is an important foundation for high-quality pedagogical work with children. Thus parents are our most important partners. Our pedagogical preschool work in support of local families actively involves the competencies of the parents as well as of our teachers.      

This year, we also offered several types of parents' work:

  • Brief conversations when the children were picked up or dropped off
  • Developmental discussions
  • Parents' evening
  • Festivals/parties, project-centered Events
  • Parents' questionnaire
  • Parents' council
  • Notices, info sheets, gazette, e-mails and letters to parents.