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About us:The Leipzig YMCA

Our mission statement, "YCMA in Leipzig – Orientation. Growing. Living" and the following explanations of what this means for our work best describe what the YCMA stands for: The Young Men's (today, "Person's") Christian Association in Leipzig reaches out to our city's children, teens, and adults with holistic recreational and educational programs. In doing so, we also offer guidance and orientation for life in relationship with God through Jesus Christ. People from many different cultures and denominations belong to the variety here at the YMCA. We promote self-initiative, active participation, and sharing in responsibility. The staff at the YMCA authentically live out their faith and form a living community. Thus the YMCA has been an indispensible part of Leipzig since 1893. Out of this identity ideas develop, along with a cross section of beliefs and tasks that should become effective throughout all of our areas of work, such as the international and intercultural element of our efforts, or our belief in sustainability.

However, you really first get to know the YMCA when you meet the people behind the organization. We invite all of our readers to visit us at the Home for Children and Teens in Leipzig's historical Marianna Park. Here, interested persons can start their own initiatives, take on volunteer responsibilities, or simply become members. We have enough space and enough rooms here, as well as a large outdoor area that is the envy of many of our neighbors – and that can be rented as well!

The YCMA Leipzig Association, re-founded in 1991, and the YMCA Day Care Association, which was founded as a separate organization from within the YMCA in 2005, are politically and denominationally independent ecumenical legal associations and are part of a large worldwide movement. This movement exists in over 100 countries and has over 25 million members, among which are 2,200 associations in Germany with 260,000 members. We are very proud of this.

At the same time, however, we are humble, because we know that we can only provide "the best for the city" together with our many cooperating partners (Jer. 29:17).